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BAS Trucks

For schools

Students are our future. Therefore we would like to introduce them to BAS Trucks. Students can take a look behind the scenes of Europe’s biggest truck- and trailer dealer. A perfect way to put theory into practice!

Company visit

In consultation with the school or the students we like to put together an interesting day schedule. Most of the times we start the day with a presentation about BAS Trucks by one of our employees. Hereby you have the option to decide if you want to lay the focus on the complete holding on just on one of our divisions. During the presentation we will tell you more about our worldwide corporate activities and all the things involved with that. The focus is not only on our sales and purchase departments, but also on process automation. Of course there is enough space to ask questions. This allows students to get a clear overview of the work activities within BAS Trucks.

After the presentation we will give the students a tour of the company. They get to see the customer reception area, the workshop and most of the times also the warehouse of BAS Parts. This will give the students a good impression of the size of BAS Trucks. We will end the day with a drink at the bar with several employees, so students will get the opportunity to get to know even more about our organization.

Guest lecture

Besides a company visit we can also arrange to give guest lectures on schools and universities. Our employees will be happy to come by and to tell more about BAS Trucks. The content of the presentation will be tuned with the education or course which the students are doing. That allows us to shift the focus of the presentation more towards purchase, sales or IT/E-commerce. The presentation will thus be an interesting practical example of all company processes within Europe’s biggest truck- and trailer dealer.


Are you interested in a company visit or guest lecture? Please contact us.